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Winter season 2018/2019

December 16, 2018 to Easter mondat April 17, 2019

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily

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    The most sought after ski area in Romania

    Poiana Brașov has a rich history, being documented since 1427, and the first skiers who enjoyed the location descended on the valleys of the Postavaru massif since 1895, and in 1906 the first ski competition took place.

    Today, as a tourist, in Poiana Brașov you can enjoy both winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, skating, sleighing, and other leisure activities) as well as multiple tourist attractions located in the area or accommodation units that include SPA centers, ideal after a demanding day in the boots.

    In the cold season, Poiana Brașov offers tourists a ski area with over 24 kilometers of slopes and currently being extended, this being the largest ski area in the country. The diversity of difficulty levels presented by the slopes in the resort makes Poiana Brașov the best choice both for those who want to get started in winter sports and for those who are experienced and eager for adrenaline.

    Stadion Ușor 1040 m 1010 m 612 m 30 m 50 m NU
    Bradu Ușor 1106 m 1035 m 430 m 71 m 71 m DA
    Drumul Roșu Mediu-Ușor 1765 m 1050 m 4752 m 715 m 22 m NU
    Sulinar Mediu 1705 m 1070 m 2820 m 635 m 35 m NU
    Lupului Dificil 1703 m 975 m 2605 m 728 m 28 m NU
    Subteleferic Dificil 1700 m 1050 m 2200 m 650 m 35 m NU
    Kanzel Dificil 1760 m 1651 m 297 m 109 m 50 m NU

    With an average annual temperature of 5°C, 20°C in summer and -5°C in winter, Poiana Brașov is the right place to spend your free time in a healthy way, both in summer and in the cold season.

    In winter, the ski area is equipped with snow cannons, which keep the 24.5 kilometers of slopes in the best possible condition, and in summer, tourists can enjoy mountain trails that go to or from Poiana Brașov.

    Places to visit near Poiana Brasov:

    • TÂMPA

    Brașov is located at the foot of Mount Tâmpa, a small mountain with a height of 950 meters. The route that starts from the park at the foot of Tâmpa, is a very easy one to travel and lasts 45 minutes, which makes it accessible to a very diverse range of tourists. The view next to the place where it says “HOLLYWOOD OF ROMANIA” makes every serpentine worth crossing.


    In 1689, a huge fire that covered a large part of the city of
    Brașov managed to affect the patron saint of Saint Mary, an imposing building, in
    fact, the largest sacred building in Romania. Following the event, the name of the
    place of worship was changed to the Black Church, as an allusion to the color it
    acquired as a result of the fire.Inside is the largest collection of oriental rugs, and a
    6-ton bell, the largest in Romania.


    At the end of the Schei neighborhood, between Tâmpa and Stejerișul Mare, is the Pietrele lui Solomon leisure area. As it was called by some tourists who were captivated by the beauty of the place, a corner of heaven, the area is dotted with tables, benches, bridges over the river in the center of the gorge, and last but not least people and pets. All this at the base of natural climbing walls, so look out for amateur climbers.


    Located in the western part of the Piatra Mare massif, the Seven Stairs Canyon is excavated in Jurassic limestone by the waterfalls of the Valea Șurii brook.